La Tartine Gourmande: a review

…yes, yes, I know. ” La Tartine Gourmande: recipes for an inspired life ” has been published more than a year ago, and Bea Peltre doesn’t need any introduction either. It’s just that I liked the book, and I felt the need to talk about it here, I suppose. What attracted me the most about […]

Apple, blueberries and hazelnuts crumb cake

some days ago, I was scouring  CannelleVanille beautiful blog’s archives, when I found a reference to a moist and delicious apple and strawberries crumb cake. Just a reference, and a little thumbnail photo, gorgeous with pale yellows and the intense pink of strawberries. Then and there, so, I knew what I craved the most: a […]

Pistachio Tea Cakes

I’ve already registered here in this blog my fondness for pistachio: pistachio ice-cream, pistachio nougat, pistachio cookies… and pistachio cakes of course! I know that pistachios are pricey, so I use to buy them very seldom ( at least, to satisfy my cravings ), most likely around Christmas time. Yes, beacuse here in Italy Christmas […]

Small Plates and Sweet Treats: a book review

vi ho già accennato, nel mio ultimo post, al fatto che finalmente mi è arrivato il primo libro di Aran Goyoaga, aka Cannelle et Vanille: ” Small Plates and Sweet Treats: my family’s journey to gluten-free cooking “; tuttavia, vorrei qui parlarvene più per esteso. Probabilmente, molti conosceranno già il blog, Cannelle et Vanille, che […]