Chocolate, almond and vanilla bundt cakes

Yesterday, our Christmas Time officially begun: as every year, we’ve brought our Christmas decoration back from the attic, and set up our home for the festivities. In fact, in Italy is a tradition to decorate the home on the 8th December, a Christian Festivity. When we were child, we expected anxiously that day every single […]

Pistachio Tea Cakes

I’ve already registered here in this blog my fondness for pistachio: pistachio ice-cream, pistachio nougat, pistachio cookies… and pistachio cakes of course! I know that pistachios are pricey, so I use to buy them very seldom ( at least, to satisfy my cravings ), most likely around Christmas time. Yes, beacuse here in Italy Christmas […]

Pistachio Meltaways

as I’ve anticipated in my last post, today I will talk about these delicious pistachio meltaways that I’ve baked last week, adapting Aran’s recipe of her pistachio and vanilla shortbread cookies. What can I say about these cookies? I always had a love for pistachio anything, as long as i can remember; in fact, one […]