The blue skies of summer


Hi all!

yet again, I’m late here, in this page of mine; but I’m sure you too have been around much, given the splendid weather of the deeps of summer. Not much to do, around a computer – or an oven.

In fact, I’ve kept the cooking and baking at a minimum, lately – this heat doesn’t make it easy to turn the oven on, even for a slice of moist chocolate cake ( yes, I eat chocolate even during the summer ). Mainly, I live happily on salads, yoghurt, and fresh fruits: couscous, arugula, roasted tomatoes, juicy and caramelized to the point of bursting; and watermelon, cherries, ananas with yoghurt and delicious plums, yellow, black and red, the sweet nectar drippling down my elbows ( yes, I’m quite of a messy eater – isn’t the best part of the whole thing, licking a sweet, erratic drop of juice from your fingers? ).
Meanwhile, I travel. All but fancy: my grandfathers have builded a house each – one near the sea, one at the feet of the mountains where he was born ( he has fixed the home of his parents there, actually ), and we are still as thankful as ever for this opportunity to elude the heat of Rome, at least for a few days.

This is it, for now. Short but sweet. I will soon come back ( well, I hope so ) with new recipes – peach and maple syrup custard, anyone? – but for now, I’ll leave you with this photo. The fig tree visible against the sky was planted here by my grandfather, fifteen years ago or so. Till now, it has always been but a sapling, too secluted for his own good, here, in the pleasant heat of Italy. Then, this year, it exploded: it must have grown enough to peek at the sun over the high wall that has protected it till now; his long branches have gone wild with happiness, apparently, growing in the direction of the sun, , elongated like hands. And under the big leaves, dangle already a few, little figs.

Happy summer to you all!

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